About us

Lee and Lin Mullet began Wyndham House after 20 years of working in the poultry industry. The main aim was to produce high quality chickens using sustainable methods to their own exacting standards of welfare.

They started producing chickens on a small scale in Norfolk and sold them at local farmers markets with great success. Eventually this lead to the first Wyndham House retail stall at Borough Market on weekends. This was at time (late 1990’s) where the nation was starting to take a serious interest in ‘what’ and ‘how’ their food was produced. Lee and Lin recognised this and wanted Wyndham House to show their own values in meat excellence.

In 2007 the success of the Borough Market stall was being driven by the niche environment  of producers and traders, together with customer enthusiasm lead Lee and Lin to decide on taking Wyndham House further afield and open their second branch in Chelsea.

The Chelsea shop brought with it a full range of poultry, eggs, meats and game. In addition to this it provided pre-marinated meats as well as stocking some delicious preserves and relishes. This was incredibly popular with Chelsea and Fulham residents.

In 2009 Wyndham House opened its third shop in Chiswick, West London, whilst still maintained the provenance of Wyndham Houses’ early days by stocking from mostly individual producers with a passion for what they do.

Both the Chelsea and Chiswick shops now offer a full range of meats, condiments, cheeses and other deli products. They also offer daily deliveries to their respective local areas. Wyndham House in Borough Market is still a poultry only shop.