Summer 2014 BBQ Range

Image courtesy of @Taz - Flickr - BBQ ChickenSummer is here (at last!) and we’re delighted to tell you that our summer range of deliciousness is better than ever. We’ve got everything we can think of to put on the BBQ, but if there is something specific you’d like, do get in touch.


Saxon Splendour Plain pork sausages with a light salt & pepper seasoning
Cumberland Pork with mixed herbs
Toulouse Pork sausages with garlic
Hot and Spicy! Pork sausages with chilli and cumin
Italian Garlic, chilli and fennel
Lincolnshire Pork with pepper and sage
Cracked black pepper
Sage & Red Onion
Pork & Apple
Pork & Leek
Lemon & Country Herb
Hickory Smoked
Lamb and mint
Merguez North African spicy lam
Boerewors 70% beef, 30% pork. A South African speciality with coriander, nutmeg and vinegar
Chipolatas Saxon Splendour pork with a light salt and pepper seasoning



Spanish Harbour Lemon and garlic
Greek Passion Caraway, rosemary and thyme
Indian Mystery Paprika, chilli and oregano
Smokey BBQ
Piri Piri


Argentine Fire Smokey Jalapeno and cumin
Mexican Madness Jalapeno, cumin and coriander
African Sunshine Baobab fruit with chilli


Royal Mint Mint and rosemary


Japanese Flower Cinnamon, aniseed, fennel and cloves


Butchery Courses: August – September 2013


Photo courtesy of James Lofthouse

We has great fun in early August giving one of our butchery course evenings on beef. Some people had been given the evening as a present from their love one’s (hint if you’re looking for something a bit different this year to give!).

Our qualified and highly skilled butchers taught about Côte de Boeuf (steak and one of the most decadent cuts) and how to prepare it properly as it is a cut of meat that is too dense to be cooked on a BBQ or a griddle pan alone. It needs to be seared on the heat, then slowly cooked in an oven to ensure the bone conducts the heat into the centre of the beef.

For more info, pop-in to our Chiswick branch or book online. More details can be found here:


Planning a barbeque this weekend?

One of our fantastic chickens fresh off the barbeque

Ahhh! The sunshine for summer has arrived and now you can clean and scrub those barbeques ready for a super yummy weekend!

We have an extensive selection of barbeque products which are ready to cook. We have six different kinds of sausage as well as pork, boerworst, chicken, lamb or beef kebabs.

Why not try our meatball kebabs for something a bit different?

There is also six types of burger including steak, lamb, chicken, chilli and cheese. Spatchcock poussin or chicken, butterfly leg of lamb. Marinated chicken breast, and drumsticks, lamb cutlets, sirloin steak, rump steak – the list is endless.

Head over to our seasonal page to see what is on offer