Are your meats organic or free range?

They are almost always free range and sometimes organic. We’ve chosen to select meats and poultry that are of the best quality that we are able to find. That isn’t necessarily organic. For instance we could supply organic chickens which would be a relatively fast growing hybrid stock reared to 9 – 10 weeks and certified organic. Where as we choose to stock traditional free range slow growing breeds (12-14 weeks) which have a much better taste and texture. They are fed a vegetable only diet which contains no GM’s or growth promoters and this means we can supply a better quality product than its organic alternative.

Almost by default most of our products will be free range because they are grown more extensively and slower to achieve the best eating quality possible.

Do you age your beef?

Yes we do. All steaks and roasting joints from our Aberdeen Angus supplier are aged on the bone and hung for a minimum of 4 weeks to develop flavour and texture.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do. We will deliver locally from both Chelsea and Chiswick for free, please see our deliveries page.

How do I pay for deliveries?

We can take card payments over the telephone or on delivery by cash or cheque.

Do you stock Veal?

Yes we do. We stock both the English Rose Veal and the continental Milk Fed Veal. We would normally have in stock veal escalopes, osso bucco, veal chops, calves liver. For any other cuts we just need a days notice.

Where do you get your sausages and burgers?

We make them! All of our sausages and burgers are made in house using the same quality meats as we use for our roasting joints.

Do you do wholesale?

Not generally although we do supply a small number of independent local restaurants and cafes.

If I buy a chicken, will you cut it up for me?

Yes we will. Whatever you buy whether its a chicken or whole side of beef, we will cut and prepare it to your own wants and needs.

How do I cook the meat I’ve bought?

All of our butchers are able to advise you of the best way to cook your meat from slow cooking casseroles to quick blasting barbecues.

If there is something you would like to know which is not listed here please contact us or search the site.